Rally Hungary 2019

Retired crews

Number of crews: 16
No. Driver
Vehicle Reason
2 Habaj Ł.
Dymurski D.
Škoda Fabia R5 damaged suspension in SS 6
not start because of crash in free practice
accident in FP1
4 Mareš F.
Hloušek J.
Škoda Fabia R5 Evo technical problem - powersteering before SS 8
8 Érdi T.
Kovács S.
Škoda Fabia R5 retired after SS 8
damaged suspension in SS 4
9 Hadik A.
Deák A.
Ford Fiesta R5 MkII accident in SS 7
10 Vincze F.
Bacigál I.
Škoda Fabia R5 technical problem in SS 9
technical problem - overheated engine in SS 6
16 Bútor R.
Tagai R.
Škoda Fabia R5 technical problem after SS 4
17 Puskádi J.
Gódor B.
Škoda Fabia R5 Evo accident in SS 2
20 Poloński D.
Sitek Ł.
Fiat 124 Abarth RGT technical problem - oil pressure before SS 8
technical problem - oil pressure in SS 6
21 Nagy M.
Nagy T.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X technical problem after SS 5
26 Tejpar N.
Magalhães H.
Peugeot 208 R2 accident in SS 9
28 Cărăgui E.
Fus R.
Peugeot 208 R2 technical problem before SS 11
30 Bodolai L.
Szőke T.
Ford Fiesta R5 technical problem after SS 11
technical problem in SS 2
31 Trencsényi J.
Verba G.
Škoda Fabia R5 technical problem after SS 5
33 Klausz K.
Csányi B.
Ford Fiesta R5 accident in SS 9
34 Wagemans J.
Hanssens W.
Peugeot 208 T16 accident in SS 2
35 Koch M.
Brunthaler L.
Škoda Fabia R5 accident in SS 8