Rally Liepāja - Ventspils 2013

Retired crews

Number of crews: 8
No. Driver
Vehicle Reason
6 Lukyanuk A.
Arnautov A.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X technical problem - engine
7 Plangi S.
Sarapuu M.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X R4 Went off the road, broken front left wheel.
24 Danzinger H.
Wüstenhagen K.
Renault Clio R3 technical problem - water pump after SS 10
28 Blūms E.
Vecgailis I.
Ford Fiesta R2 technical problem - gearbox before SS 10
30 Lielkājis G.
Miķelsons V.
Ford Fiesta R2 excluded - not marked tyres
32 Ogryzek S.
Dachowski G.
Citroën C2 R2 Max accident in SS 4
40 Kasperczyk T.
Syty D.
Škoda Fabia R2
41 Yakimakho D.
Zakharava V.
Citroën C2 R2 accident