Rally Liepāja - Ventspils 2013

1 Lefebvre S.
Peugeot 208 R2
2 Baller Z.
Honda Civic Vti
Lefebvre S.
Peugeot 208 R2 
Baller Z.
Honda Civic Vti 
retired (24 - Danzinger Hannes / Wüstenhagen Katharina): technical problem - water pump after SS 10
flash info (20 - Štajf Vojtěch / Řiháková Petra): We went off in left seven in 120 km/h, but we were lucky as possible to go reverse 300 m cross the field.
flash info (18 - Kvaraciejus Rokas / Čepulis Mindaugas): Quite hard stage.
flash info (31 - Immonen Risto / Lukka Mikko): I try to push, but we have five or six big moments.
flash info (29 - Lefebvre Stéphane / Dubois Thomas): Stages are OK, but not good sound from my gearbox, I have problem to shift the gears.
flash info (19 - Szabó Gergély / Borbely Karoly): Very slippery. We went off the road two times.
flash info (17 - Turán Frigyes / Zsiros Gábor): Stage was 200 m longer. But we had no grip, running on yesterday's tyres.
flash info (16 - Egle Aivis / Dauga Andis): Morning was not good, now it's getting better.
flash info (21 - Pushkar Vitaliy / Mishyn Ivan): We have problem with car, transmissions.
flash info (1 - Ketomaa Jari / Lindström Kaj): The finish line is at the different place. Mistake from the organisers. Very slippy stage. We have to be careful in icy corners.
flash info (2 - Breen Craig / Moynihan David): Finish was 200 m else, very strange. That's frustrating. Dangerous.
flash info (6 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Arnautov Alexey): Really hard stage, very slippery in places. We did some mistakes, not so confident in tyres. Francois did great job.
flash info (3 - Delecour François / Savignoni Dominique): I went off a little bit, was in the field. But no problem. Only one time in the limiter.
flash info (9 - Švedas Vytautas / Sakalauskas Žilvinas): I had a moment, we stopped by Siim as he went off. Tyres were not good, I had no grip.
flash info (4 - Černý Jan / Kohout Pavel): Plangi went off the road, spectators trying to get him back. Stage was fantastic, few mistakes, but we are very happy.
retired (7 - Plangi Siim / Sarapuu Marek): Went off the road, broken front left wheel.
flash info (10 - Kisiels Raimonds / Ronis Arnis): This stage is very difficult, slippery. Finish of stage is at different place.
flash info (8 - Orsák Jaroslav / Šmeidler David): We drove safely.
flash info (5 - Tlusťák Antonín / Vyoral Lukáš): Good stage, but surprisingly lot of ice. Yesterday we had bit troubles with pacenotes, now it's OK. We have to finish.
flash info (11 - Puskádi János / Gódor Barnabás): This stage was extremely slippery. I was scared all the time, missed one junction. Stage is 200 m longer.
flash info (12 - Gryazin Vasily / Chumak Dmitry): We went straight in the corner, stage is 200 m longer than we did recce.