Rally Poland 2022

1 Sesks M.
Škoda Fabia R4
2 Monarri A.
Suzuki Swift R4lly S
3 Vinyes J.
Suzuki Swift R4lly S
Sesks M.
Škoda Fabia R4 
Vinyes J.
Suzuki Swift R4lly S 
Monarri A.
Suzuki Swift R4lly S 
retired (52 - Maior Norbert / Maior Francesca): broken wheel in SS 7
retired (2 - Solans Nil / Martí Marc): retired after SS 7
retired (52 - Maior Norbert / Maior Francesca): retired in SS 7
retired (45 - Jocz Tymoteusz / Judycki Maciej): retired in SS 7
retired (21 - Gabryś Zbigniew / Marczewski Michał): retired in SS 7
(35 - Soria Paulo / Der Ohannesian Marcelo): puncture
(38 - Español Alex / Peñate Rogelio): puncture
(2 - Solans Nil / Martí Marc): accident in SS 7
flash info (3 - Marczyk Miko / Gospodarczyk Szymon): I am enjoying, but unfortunately I made some mistakes on the first stage of the loop and it's not so easy about the driving now because not everything is perfect. I am trying to be focused and to stay on the road. We have a long rally to go.
flash info (8 - Herczig Norbert / Bacigál Igor): Everything was okay. The ruts are very deep and we had two or three big moments because I tried to look after the car and in some sections I was out of the clean line.
flash info (15 - Torn Ken / Pannas Kauri): It's quite tricky. You need to be really careful because there are sometimes rocks in the ruts. It's not so enjoyable, but the stages are still nice.
flash info (11 - Kristensson Tom / Johansson Andreas): This time I was trying a little bit and the car was feeling good. I'm surprised about the time - it should be a little bit better, but the car is feeling good.
flash info (5 - Tempestini Simone / Itu Sergiu): It's okay. We enjoyed. We would like to be a bit faster, but the stage is not easy. In many sections I had to take care of the tyres to try and not get a puncture and things. I think I did a good stage.
flash info (1 - Llarena Efrén / Fernandez Sara): We are fighting and this was a really good stage for us. We tried our best, but it's so broken, especially at the end. I tried to be careful but the guys are driving very quickly, so we'll see.
flash info (7 - Battistolli Alberto / Scattolin Simone): I enjoyed this day and I have seen that we are getting better and better. Overall it was a good day for us.
flash info (9 - Grzyb Grzegorz / Binięda Adam): We are happy. This stage was a little bit destroyed, but okay, it's great. We tried to push and we had to slow down a little bit for Zala's crash, but I am happy that I am here.
retired (12 - Žala Vaidotas / Minor Ilka): accident in SS 7
flash info (18 - Jeets Gregor / Taniel Timo): It happened around halfway through the stage. We got a big hit and I felt something was wrong.
flash info (4 - Pardo Javier / Pérez Adrián): I had a failure with the engine before the stage and now I was all flat-out. Maybe the best stage ever for me in my life. Incredible - it's amazing.
flash info (10 - Mareš Filip / Bucha Radovan): It's a perfect feeling to compete on these type of stages. I have to analyse the videos and find some improvements in the ruts to be fast.
flash info (6 - Campedelli Simone / Canton Tania): On this stage I enjoyed it much more. I was driving more naturally, but I hit something in the ruts and I punctured the front left. The ruts are becoming really deep and rough.
(6 - Campedelli Simone / Canton Tania): puncture
flash info (19 - Koik Priit / Tamm Kristo): The challenge is big, of course, but we really enjoyed the stages. They are superfast with jumps and everything. We know where we are losing time and we are just enjoying.