Rally Poland 2022

1 Sesks M.
Škoda Fabia R4
2 Vinyes J.
Suzuki Swift R4lly S
3 Monarri A.
Suzuki Swift R4lly S
Sesks M.
Škoda Fabia R4 
Vinyes J.
Suzuki Swift R4lly S 
Monarri A.
Suzuki Swift R4lly S 
flash info (2 - Solans Nil / Martí Marc): We will see. There are three or four guys who are pushing a lot - the roads are so fast and everything is so, so tight.
flash info (3 - Marczyk Miko / Gospodarczyk Szymon): It's a really nice stage - a typical Polish one with a lot of sideways. We have a very good road position for this one because there is a lot of cleaning. We're just trying to drive and enjoy.
flash info (8 - Herczig Norbert / Bacigál Igor): Everything was okay. We enjoyed this stage and it was very, very fun. We are here and we're happy.
flash info (15 - Torn Ken / Pannas Kauri): The stage was okay. It's quite fast and actually, on the line, the grip is quite good.
flash info (11 - Kristensson Tom / Johansson Andreas): This was very enjoyable, for sure. We will continue like this - we are safe and everything is okay.
flash info (5 - Tempestini Simone / Itu Sergiu): We enjoyed it. I am not happy with my tyre choice for these conditions, but let's see. I would like to have a softer tyre. The last one is a longer stage, but it's a really beautiful rally and I enjoyed the stages.
flash info (1 - Llarena Efrén / Fernandez Sara): There is massive cleaning here and the guys at the back will be faster. For sure, our start position is not the best but we are fighting very well.
flash info (9 - Grzyb Grzegorz / Binięda Adam): I didn't expect it to be so slippery! I expected better grip and I slid too much in many corners. It was a really nice stage though, so I am happy.
flash info (12 - Žala Vaidotas / Minor Ilka): Very different from the first stage. Very dry with good grip and very, very fast. I don't think you can make up so much time on this stage, but we're looking forward to the next one.
flash info (18 - Jeets Gregor / Taniel Timo): We don't have the shifter...it's broken. We need to go.
flash info (6 - Campedelli Simone / Canton Tania): In the previous stage, it was muddy on a junction and I hit something. I caught the inside and the car just fell into a ditch. It was full of water and we had some water into the car. We had to remove it to try and not damage the electrics too much.
flash info (4 - Pardo Javier / Pérez Adrián): It was good, but it's difficult in this start position. I am cleaning all the line and the braking points are very difficult.