Rally Hungary 2021

There is no crew in the selection.

(35 - Maior Norbert / Maior Francesca): puncture
Stage restarted.
Stage interrupted.
retired (32 - Bassas Josep / Coronado Axel): accident in SS 11
flash info (33 - Pajari Sami / Salminen Marko): It was quite nice, somehow the surface is quite changing so it's not easy to find the right pace in corners. But the car feels very good.
flash info (41 - Armstrong Jon / Hall Philip): All sorted with the car, the stages are very slippy, this time it was much faster than in the morning. Let's keep pushing.
flash info (9 - Bonato Yoann / Boulloud Benjamin): Everything is OK, it's like forst loop for us, now we were faster than the ambulance driver. It was very slippery, it's not easy to find the grip and the right rhythm.
flash info (8 - Gryazin Nikolay / Aleksandrov Konstantin): We are just in the safe mode, no sense to fight.
flash info (6 - Østberg Mads / Eriksen Torstein): We are quite fast when we don't have problems. OK stage, no issues, we enjoyed it.
flash info (2 - Marczyk Miko / Gospodarczyk Szymon): It's very good enjoyable day. The stages are very nice, but very slippery. Will will have night loop which will be demanding.
flash info (3 - Llarena Efrén / Fernandez Sara): Not bad, we were bit faster than Andreas. I have more confidence with the car, but still three stages to do. Last ones will be in night so lot of rallying to do.
flash info (15 - Campedelli Simone / Canton Tania): Definitely I can say we are happy what we have done. The road is very slippery and it's getting worse because there are some cuts.
flash info (1 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Edmondson Elliott): Everyhing is fixed, so we just driving through, not much to do at the moment. Three more stages to go.
flash info (17 - Csomós Miklós / Nagy Attila): I think it was a great run, but the last part was very slippery, we had to be careful.
flash info (5 - Cais Erik / Žáková Jindřiška): I was expecting more grip becase the tempareure is higher. But still it's enjoyable stage. We still have a problem with the car, we are losing power.
Start of the stage will be delayed by 60 minutes.