ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2019

There is no crew in the selection.

flash info (24 - Camilli Eric / Veillas Benjamin): I like this stage. We have to stay positive and move forward in the afternoon.
flash info (22 - Østberg Mads / Eriksen Torstein): We are trying to learn stage by stage. These are the first stages I am doing on tarmac with this car, so for sure we need to improve. It's not easy to fight the way it is now.
flash info (21 - Rovanperä Kalle / Halttunen Jonne): I am really happy with the morning. We haven't taken any stupid risks but still we are doing really well. This one was quite slippy in the beginning because the hard tyres were cold.
flash info (17 - Katsuta Takamoto / Barritt Daniel): Quite difficult. The car is working well but I have no experience, so it is not easy.
flash info (44 - Greensmith Gus / Edmondson Elliott): Much better now, that felt much cleaner. For some reason, it takes me a while to get into it but once I am into it I can improve quite quickly.
flash info (6 - Sordo Dani / Del Barrio Carlos): There is some places where it is very dirty. I didn't start very well.
flash info (10 - Latvala Jari-Matti / Anttila Miikka): I think the time wasn't great so that's why I am a bit disappointed. I thought we had a good run but obviously not.
flash info (4 - Lappi Esapekka / Ferm Janne): I have to say, I can not do the same speed as last year. On this stage last year I was competitive but it is not possible at the moment.
flash info (5 - Meeke Kris / Marshall Sebastian): Not bad. I tried to be clean and tidy but there were a few places that I wasn't committed enough. A decent morning.
flash info (89 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Jæger Anders): We have to keep working and maybe improve the car a bit on entry. That will give me a good feeling in the car and allow me to keep up the speed in the corners - that's what I think I am missing.
flash info (11 - Neuville Thierry / Gilsoul Nicolas): I don't know how it was in there. I tried to be fast and clean but I don't know.
flash info (1 - Ogier Sébastien / Ingrassia Julien): I have some ideas of what the problem is: I don't have any ideas of what it is we need to do.
flash info (8 - Tänak Ott / Järveoja Martin): Very different characteristics - just straights and junctions. In one place I was really wide but the second loop was clean.