Rally Rzeszów 2017

1 Molinaro T.
Opel Adam R2
Molinaro T.
Opel Adam R2 
flash info (25 - Érdi Tibor jun. / Papp György): The engine cut out after the flying finish and when we wanted to start it broke down. It is the same like in Acropolis, it was the same there. It's crazy.
flash info (26 - Remennik Sergei / Rozin Mark): Lot of experience for us, tought rally.
flash info (24 - Melegari Zelindo / Barone Maurizio): It was difficult to go slow for the finish. I feel sorry for Tibor, he was the fastest here.
flash info (34 - Mareš Filip / Hloušek Jan): I'm really satisfied with this result. I had to thank to my team, my co-driver and I hope that on Barum we will be even more competetive.
flash info (29 - Banaz Buğra / Erdener Burak): I enjoyed the rally, we have good points for us and our team.
flash info (35 - Molinaro Tamara / Mayrhofer Ursula): Going here without experience with these roads it's impossible to be competetive. But we are finish and have some points.
flash info (30 - Ingram Chris / Edmondson Elliott): Quite happy to be here, it was really difficult event. We had a good pace, we look forward to next events.
retired (25 - Érdi Tibor jun. / Papp György): technical problem - engine after SS 11
flash info (31 - Zawada Aleks / Dachowski Grzegorz): Podium finish is a good finish. It was an extremely difficult rally. We are really happy and pleased. I hope we did a good job for our sponsors and fans. It was a great atmosphere.
flash info (10 - von Thurn und Taxis Albert / Degandt Bjorn): I loved every moment here. We brought the car home, we are super-happy, happy with the result.
flash info (14 - Bostanci Murat / Vatansever Onur): I'm really happy to be here in the finish, because we had a lot of moments. It was very tough rally and great experience.
flash info (32 - Huttunen Jari / Linnaketo Antti): It was almost perfect weekend for me, we did some mistakes but we managed it. It was a strange rally, but it's OK, we are here.
flash info (18 - Nivette Filip / Heller Kamil): It was a lot of fun, we enjoyed it a lot. We want to do the ERC next year because it seems like a good challenge. Thanks to all for the support!
flash info (20 - Botka Dávid / Mesterházi Márk): Perfect rally, the new car is great. Times were getting better.
flash info (1 - Magalhães Bruno / Magalhães Hugo): Difficult weekend, we knew that there would be better drivers, it's like that. This rally is very difficult, maybe the most tarmac rally I have ever done. If we go to Barum, it will be difficult also.
flash info (16 - Černý Jan / Černohorský Petr): We learned a lot, but we are not happy with the results. Before the rally we wanted to be on the junior podium, but we are the last ones. But we know where is the problem. Now we will prepare everything for the Barum rally.
flash info (19 - Kasperczyk Tomasz / Syty Damian): It was really nice weekend, I'm happy to be here, it was a tough rally. Now we prepare for the next ERC rally.
flash info (4 - Bouffier Bryan / Dini Gilbert): It was great, it is a special for me, it was first Polish rally I won many years ago. Great victory for me, I think we will have a good party tonight :)
flash info (2 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): I'm happy, maybe I should be more hungry in my home country, but the task was different. Now we are leading the championship and that's the main thing. Thanks to my team, they did amazing job. It was really hard rally.
flash info (7 - Griebel Marijan / Kopczyk Stefan): Perfect weekend, I had so much fun driving the Škoda on these stages, we had a great time with Stefan in the car.
flash info (12 - Michel Sylvain / Degout Jérôme): We are really happy, it was difficult weekend. We had no test before the race, so it wasn't easy. Now we will see if we go to Barum or not.
flash info (8 - Grzyb Grzegorz / Browiński Bogusław): This weekend was great. I tried to push for the third, I didn't do big mistakes. We have a great team, great fans, thanks to all for the suppert!
flash info (15 - Suárez José António / Carrera Cándido): I'm feeling really good. It was a rally without any big problems, we have good points to the championship.
flash info (9 - Moffett Josh / Fulton James): It was tough weekend, but we are here. Lot of learning and experience. The next on the plan is Barum rally.
flash info (17 - Habaj Łukasz / Dymurski Daniel): You have no idea how happy I am to be here. It's for the first time after many years when I finish here without any problem. We have a good feeling, maybe the times weren't the best, but I thank to my team, my co-driver and everyone helping us.