Rally Rzeszów 2017

1 Griebel M.
Škoda Fabia R5
2 Suárez J.
Peugeot 208 T16
3 Michel S.
Škoda Fabia R5
4 Moffett J.
Ford Fiesta R5
5 Černý J.
Škoda Fabia R5
6 Kasperczyk T.
Ford Fiesta R5
Griebel M.
Škoda Fabia R5 
Michel S.
Škoda Fabia R5 
Suárez J.
Peugeot 208 T16 
Moffett J.
Ford Fiesta R5 
Kasperczyk T.
Ford Fiesta R5 
Černý J.
Škoda Fabia R5 
retired (42 - Wagner Simon / Winter Gerald): technical problem after SS 6
(42 - Wagner Simon / Winter Gerald): was out of road
retired (46 - Munnings Catie / Stein Anne Katharina): accident in SS 6
flash info (29 - Banaz Buğra / Erdener Burak): I think the best stage of the rally, I really enjoyed it.
flash info (35 - Molinaro Tamara / Mayrhofer Ursula): Really difficult. Yesterday we did anything, we now want only to finish, this rally is crazy. We just want some points in the Ladies championship.
retired (37 - Muradian Artur / Chelebaev Pavel): technical problem - radiator in SS 6
retired (45 - Bedoret Sebastien / Walbrecq Thomas): technical problem - radiator in SS 6
flash info (39 - Brož Dominik / Těšínský Petr): Problem with gearbox continues.
flash info (36 - Kupec Karel / Krajča Ondřej): We slowed down at crashed car No. 50, it's impossible to push in this rally, it's crazy. No chance to score points here.
retired (50 - Jurecki Jacek / Trela Michał): accident in SS 6
flash info (28 - Słobodzian Marcin / Wróbel Jakub): I think we overheated tyres in the last kilometers. It was really slippery, we couldn't drive the car.
flash info (25 - Érdi Tibor jun. / Papp György): OK, we tried to push. No problem.
flash info (43 - Kupec Radomír / Glössl Petr): I don't know, we have lot of alarms on the dash, but the car works normal. Hopefully we can to the service.
flash info (31 - Zawada Aleks / Dachowski Grzegorz): We lost some seconds to Jari, but we are happy. We had a big moment, we went into field, I'm happy to be here.
flash info (10 - von Thurn und Taxis Albert / Degandt Bjorn): Amazing stage, lot of slippery bits. Tricky stage.
flash info (30 - Ingram Chris / Edmondson Elliott): We stopped at Gryazin because they showed SOS sign, but they didn't need anything.
flash info (14 - Bostanci Murat / Vatansever Onur): It was OK, we just slowed down at Nikolay. We have soft tyres and it worked good.
flash info (32 - Huttunen Jari / Linnaketo Antti): Not so good rhythm. We will see what everyone else is doing.
retired (22 - Szeja Jarosław / Szeja Marcin): accident in SS 6
flash info (18 - Nivette Filip / Heller Kamil): We try to push, it's OK. But it's slippery like hell.
flash info (21 - Gabryś Zbigniew / Natkaniec Artur): We wanted to attack, but it was too much.
flash info (20 - Botka Dávid / Mesterházi Márk): No problem, it's only morning and no coffee.
flash info (1 - Magalhães Bruno / Magalhães Hugo): I was too agressive, today I don't feel the grip in slow corners. Maybe this stage was more slippery than others, I don't have the experience here.
flash info (16 - Černý Jan / Černohorský Petr): We changed the pacenotes a lot, but still it's difficult when you drive for the first time here. The stage is really slippery in places.
flash info (19 - Kasperczyk Tomasz / Syty Damian): It wasn't so good morning for me, I couldn't wake up. We are going to another stage, maybe it will be better.
flash info (4 - Bouffier Bryan / Dini Gilbert): Good stage, I slid a little bit in few corners, but the time is good.
retired (11 - Gryazin Nikolay / Fedorov Yaroslav): accident in SS 6
flash info (7 - Griebel Marijan / Kopczyk Stefan): It was not good, probably the tyre choice was not good. But the time is fine, so we will see.
flash info (3 - Østberg Mads / Barth Patrik): Very early in the stage we hit a stone and got a puncture so we stopped and changed the tyre. The brakes got overheated so we have no brakes since then.
(3 - Østberg Mads / Barth Patrik): puncture
flash info (12 - Michel Sylvain / Degout Jérôme): Very difficult stage, we lost 10 seconds in one corner. There was no grip everywhere.
flash info (8 - Grzyb Grzegorz / Browiński Bogusław): Very slippery, I didn't expect that. We did many small mistakes.
flash info (15 - Suárez José António / Carrera Cándido): The stage is very dirty in places. First stage, we are waking up.
flash info (9 - Moffett Josh / Fulton James): Disaster, tyres and brakes are completely gone. We just wanted to get through. We are on medium compound.
flash info (17 - Habaj Łukasz / Dymurski Daniel): Extremely slippery, the grip was changing a lot. Some places were like on ice, some were good.