Circuit of Ireland 2016

1 Chuchała W.
Subaru Impreza STI
Chuchała W.
Subaru Impreza STI 
retired (77 - Accornero Umberto / Edwards Andrew): accident in SS 11
retired (23 - Woodside Robert / Harryman Allan): accident in SS 11
flash info (1 - Breen Craig / Martin Scott): It's amazing what you can do with the correct rubber on! We have three tough stages to go now.
flash info (3 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): Tyres are working very well, we have wet tyres on completely dry, but they are working. Only three more stages, we will see. Everybody has the same conditions, demanding, but same for everybody. It is easy to make mistakes here.
flash info (11 - Tarabus Jaromír / Trunkát Daniel): I think perfect, we had good tyres, almost complete dry stage and we enjoyed it. I'm happy now.
flash info (39 - Moffett Josh / Rowan John): Just keep our position, the guys ahead are a bit ahead. Not the quickest time. We had a bit of a moment in the middle and filled the road.
flash info (10 - Bogie David / Rae Kevin): It was a better run through there. Had a clean run through there. We are on to the hard compound tyre this afternoon, just learning where the grip levels are. My driving style and this car really wants the hard compound tyre.
flash info (15 - Greer Jonathan / Riddick Kirsty): It was dry, not drier than this morning, but a lot more grip. Everything worked OK. We are on the soft compounds. We thought it would be a lot dirtier in the second pass but the grip levels have gone up.