Circuit of Ireland 2016

1 Chuchała W.
Subaru Impreza STI
Chuchała W.
Subaru Impreza STI 
retired (60 - Connolly Joe / Connolly Richard): technical problem in SS 8
retired (73 - O'Kane Peter / Cuddihy Tommy): technical problem in SS 8
(32 - Griebel Marijan / Winklhofer Pirmin): puncture
flash info (2 - Evans Elfyn / Parry Craig): It's been pretty good, a big shame about yesterday. Today the feeling is good inside the car, we did'ot take any risk in there, it's important to get the notes right.
flash info (1 - Breen Craig / Martin Scott): I thought I was going on a conservative tyre, but it has back fired on me a bit. We should have the right tyre this afternoon, so I'm not worried about it.
flash info (3 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): I'm trying to keep calm. But we are pushing, believe me, we are pushing so much. There is a lot of slippery places with mud, more than I expected. But beautiful stage. Hamilton Folly, I will remember for sure!
flash info (6 - Fisher Alastair / Noble Gordon): Everybody has set very good times, there is not much between everyone. The stage was quite difficult towards the end there, a bit of water.
flash info (16 - McCormack Martin / Moynihan David): Still running the softer compound. We had a nice stage in there, it worked well. All good. It's going to be a long day.
flash info (11 - Tarabus Jaromír / Trunkát Daniel): Very nice stage, I enjoy it. Not good feeling today with my driving, could be better. The car is working well. I have soft, but may be too soft. We will see next stages.
flash info (39 - Moffett Josh / Rowan John): We are going good this morning. We are having a good push.
flash info (9 - Åhlin Fredrik / Abrahamsen Morten Erik): We've got the puncture 3 kilometers from the end so I think we had a good run.
(9 - Åhlin Fredrik / Abrahamsen Morten Erik): puncture
flash info (10 - Bogie David / Rae Kevin): Too soft a tyres, we soon realised it was the wrong choice. Went for the super soft, the stages are very abrasive. Understeer and oversteer. In hind sight I knew I should have gone for the harder tyre.
flash info (41 - Moffett Sam / Atkinson Karl): It wasn't too bad, I just feel I'm not driving that well. Looking forward to the second run through. Just not committing to my notes. A bit greasy in there with hard tyres on.
flash info (15 - Greer Jonathan / Riddick Kirsty): Second one was OK. Lot of big jumps at the start, first jump we landed with two wheels on the grass. When I went over the crest it was a bit on the left hand side.