Rallye du Valais 2014

1 Vernay A.
Ford Fiesta R1
2 Studer M.
Renault Twingo R1
Studer M.
Renault Twingo R1 
(25 - Kurka Tomáš / Vajík Karel): puncture
(39 - Reuche Laurent / Deriaz Jean): puncture
flash info (41 - Filip Alexandru / Iancu Bogdan): I am happy that we growed up, this was our plan for this year. Not to have crashes, this was our target for teh European Championship. Now we can think about 2015. I hope I will do more rounds in the European Championship.
flash info (34 - Zawada Aleks / Derousseaux Cathy): We brought it home, third place, I am pleased with third place, but I was fighting for second. It was just unfortunate to get a puncture at this point. We are the top Pole. Our pace is there, we just have to work on not getting punctures.
flash info (27 - Hudec Martin / Picka Petr): It was really nice rally. We make some risk for the chosing of tyres. Most rally this year is first time. I tried, we are here. Maybe it is time to call Vitaliy the champion.
flash info (36 - Andolfi Fabio / Scattolin Simone): Very good rally, no problem technical, no problem tyre. I am happy, very very happy.
flash info (15 - Pushkar Vitaliy / Mishyn Ivan): Very good rally, no problem technical, no problem tyre. I am happy, very very happy.
flash info (32 - Crugnola Andrea / Ferrara Michele): First of all I have to say thanks to my team because they worked well, they solved many problems and did good job during this weekend. Fingers crossed to find the money for Corsica.
flash info (18 - Perroud Pascal / Marchand Quentin): It was good for me, first time for me in this car. The high was this afternoon because I drive well. The low was yesterday morning, I did not wake up so good and I did not drive well. It is good to be here.
flash info (2 - Lappi Esapekka / Ferm Janne): I have to thank to whole team, they were working perfectly all weekend. It was perfect weekend.
flash info (1 - Breen Craig / Martin Scott): It's really fantastic. We had very good speed during the weekend. I'm happy, we had a lot of to fight for.
flash info (3 - Wiegand Sepp / Christian Frank): It was really tough event. First day we were leading, second day we were struggling with wrong tyre choice and today with brakes. So the third place is good, but I think the rally could go better for us.
flash info (22 - Hirschi Jonathan / Landais Vincent): Great feeling, I kept the car in one piece, I enjoyed really a lot. One week before I didn't think about such result. I didn't have any target, I came here just to learn the car.
flash info (6 - Consani Robert / Vilmot Maxime): I had a big puncture and I went off.
flash info (14 - Burri Olivier / Ferrero Jean-Jacques): We tried maximum attack, but this year it wasn't good for us. In the end of the rally we had problems with clutch. My impression from this weekend are not positive. But that's rally.
flash info (12 - Althaus Nicolas / Ioset Alain): It was good stage time, we were pushing from the start to finish as we didn't know how far from us are the opponents.
Start of the stage has been postponed by 5 minutes.