Rallye du Valais 2014

1 Studer M.
Renault Twingo R1
Studer M.
Renault Twingo R1 
retired (62 - Renaud Jean-Marie / Schriber Yannick): technical problem after SS 8
flash info (12 - Althaus Nicolas / Ioset Alain): Running on the softest Pirelli tyre. The car is moving quite a lot, especially towards the end of the stage.
flash info (4 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): Quite difficult. It's drying, but still sometimes it's very slippery. The car is OK.
flash info (10 - Tlusťák Antonín / Kučera Ladislav): We changed the tyres and it's better now.
flash info (9 - Orsák Jaroslav / Šmeidler David): I'm very happy, we have good tyres. Perfect and very nice stage.
flash info (6 - Consani Robert / Vilmot Maxime): I'm happy, I like this stage. It's fast and long. We have good setup.
flash info (8 - Tarabus Jaromír / Trunkát Daniel): Maybe a half kilometer after the start we had some too big slides and we lost time there.
flash info (3 - Wiegand Sepp / Christian Frank): The grip is much more higher now, the stage was quite OK.
flash info (2 - Lappi Esapekka / Ferm Janne): We continue like before - good rhytm, good speed, no mistakes.
flash info (1 - Breen Craig / Martin Scott): Not so bad, unfortunately the handbrake is broken. It's a complication in some slippery places where the handbrake can be needed.
flash info (5 - Magalhães Bruno / Magalhães Carlos): Much better than in the first time. We changed thes etup, it's still not 100% but that's why we are here. To learn the car and the roads for the future.