RACMSA Rally of Scotland 2011

Retired crews

Number of crews: 14
No. Driver
Vehicle Reason
7 Wilks G.
Pugh P.
Peugeot 207 S2000 retired in SS 15 - broken wheel
8 Andersson P.
Axelsson E.
Proton Satria Neo S2000 retired in SS 11 - mechanical failure
9 McRae A.
Hayes B.
Proton Satria Neo S2000 stopped in the stage with mechanical failure - oil pressure
11 Bogie D.
Rae K.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX retired after the SS 11 - broken suspension
15 Sandell P.
Parmander S.
Škoda Fabia S2000 retired after SS 10 - broken suspension
16 Nikara J.
Nikara P.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX off the road at SS 13 - got stuck in the ditch
25 Çetinkaya B.
Güney Ç.
Škoda Fabia S2000 retired after SS 9
28 Raoux J.
Magat L.
Renault Clio R3 off the road at SS 13
31 Hunt H.
Durant R.
Citroën DS3 R3T off the road at SS 11 - got stuck in a ditch
32 Donnelly M.
McNulty B.
Renault Clio R3
33 Taylor B.
Roughead A.
Renault Clio R3 retired in service after SS 11
35 Taylor M.
Marshall S.
Ford Fiesta R2 off the road at SS 13
39 Schoneville G.
Herdry M.
Honda Civic Type R
40 Kumpümaki J.
Salminen M.
Ford Fiesta R2