Royal Rally of Scandinavia 2024

1 Kohn F.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
2 Charpentier T.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
3 Widłak I.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
4 Kazaz K.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
5 Ravenščak M.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
Kohn F.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
Charpentier T.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
Kazaz K.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
Widłak I.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
Ravenščak M.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
flash info (3 - Solberg Oliver / Edmondson Elliott): It is an amazing feeling. A lot of pressure going into the weekend, you want to win again after last year. Yesterday was a terrible feeling but today was good control, good speed and a relief.
flash info (1 - Paddon Hayden / Kennard John): Given away points this year, we're giving away points.
(1 - Paddon Hayden / Kennard John): puncture
flash info (15 - Heikkilä Mikko / Temonen Kristian): It feels really nice to be honest, after a very difficult period of rally for me it feels like win. Sorry for Franceschi. It's a very tough event, I don't blame myself at all that we couldn't match the speed of Solberg and Paddon, they are really professional drivers. Big thank you to the team, the setup was perfect and everything went really well.
retired (4 - Franceschi Mathieu / Malfoy Andy): accident in SS 17
(4 - Franceschi Mathieu / Malfoy Andy): rolled
flash info (17 - Larsen Frank Tore / Lundgreen Lars-Håkon): I think we got the place we deserved, we haven't been able to follow Heikkilä and Franceschi but I have to say thank you to my team, my sponsors and codriver and see you in few weeks in Estonia.
flash info (10 - Østberg Mads / Barth Patrik): It's a lot of good things about the weekend, we were fighting hard all the way through. We have to improve if we want to win, on this level you have to be flawless. Everyone has done their best and we have tried all the weekend. It's a good weekend and I have a new pressure washer so I'm happy.
flash info (14 - Sesks Mārtiņš / Francis Renārs): There is big disappointment here, this [stage] was just to go safely through and not risk anything. We just have to check what went wrong, Thursday was good and we were holding P3, but it did not go as expected.
flash info (19 - Reiersen Isak / Gustavsson Stefan): I'm really happy with the weekend. When we are pushing we are at the top, but we are mature and we are still good. Big thanks to everyone this weekend and we'll be back.
flash info (8 - Marczyk Miko / Gospodarczyk Szymon): It was demanding, the guys know the stages from last year. I was thinking with our experience, pace notes and car we would get at least 0.4sec per kilometre but the reality is we fight for top 10. It's okay, we are on the finish. We need to improve for the next rallies on my side, but I am happy.
flash info (9 - Mabellini Andrea / Lenzi Virginia): It was an okay rally I think, we are happy. We improved a lot and changed the setup of the car completely. I need to thank everyone that made this happen, MRF, our team and all the sponsors and partners at home. Thank you to Lenzi. I think the real heroes of this rally are the co-drivers, they are braver than the drivers.
flash info (5 - Tempestini Simone / Itu Sergiu): It was a really nice event, we enjoyed the roads a lot. Our pace in places was not as expected, I would like a bit more. At the same time, I look for improvement and the guys in front are doing a really good job so I wish all the best to them.
flash info (20 - Kristoffersson Johan / Skjærmoen Stig Rune): I've been waiting to hear that all weekend! I would like to do a bit more rallying, it's so nice when you're in the rhythm. It is nice to come and do rallying and it is humbling, these guys are so quick working with the pace notes and the car. Thanks to all of my sponsors but for now I think I'll go back to rallycross.
flash info (21 - Gustafsson Kalle / Nilsson Magnus): I'm really happy to be here at the finish, I want to thank everyone around me, my family and girlfriend, my co-workers here watching, everyone around. I'm so happy.
flash info (2 - Llarena Efrén / Fernandez Sara): It was quite tricky since the beginning, I think we did a good job but these guys are in another level. Apart from that, I am happy with our work.
flash info (11 - Mareš Filip / Bucha Radovan): I tried for sure, there are some points to play about for still. I made some mistakes, especially at the beginning of the stage. I could go much faster but I am at the finish. I want to say thanks to the team, for the car and I hope we can continue.
flash info (16 - Solberg Petter / Andersson Jonas): What a weekend! These stages are absolutely crazy. It's been really good fun but my heart rate is quite high. Doing this, being with the guys is incredible. We need a lot of testing before we do this again. Maybe let the young guys in the future, they have a lot about them that can make it good for the future. Really impressive fight this weekend.
flash info (27 - Kohn Filip / Woodburn Tom): It was a crazy rally, happy to be here. Lots of emotion. Thanks to the team.
flash info (29 - Charpentier Tristan / Barral Florian): We went easy on the stage, we did some good passes. The rally was a good experience and the pace was quite good.
flash info (30 - Johansson Mille / Grönvall Johan): I'm really happy. Now we have shown our pace, I am really happy. I want to thank my sponsors, the team, my coach Pontus Tidemand and all the fans in the forest. Finally, on gravel too.
Starting order: Johansson, Charpentier, Kohn, P.Solberg, Mareš, Llarena, Gustafsson, Kristoffersson, Tempestini, Mabellini, Marczyk, Reiersen, Sesks, Ostberg, Larsen, Franceschi, Heikkilä, Paddon, O.Solberg