Rally Poland 2021

1 Armstrong J.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
2 Torn K.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
Armstrong J.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
Torn K.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
flash info (73 - Timur Yiğit Alpaslan / Uluocak Ufuk): It was OK, the surface was quite rough actually but we survived.
flash info (72 - Soria Paulo / Der Ohannesian Marcelo): It was really nice, the stage was tough but I think we did a good job.
flash info (71 - Rossi Ghjuvanni / Volpei Baptiste): Perfect, it's my first time in ERC and on gravel, it's perfect.
flash info (70 - Bergounhe Bastien / Descharne Mathieu): In the third corner we hit a bump, the stage is completely destroyed.
(67 - Cachon Alejandro / Lopez Alejandro): problems with radiator and driveshaft
flash info (69 - Mabellini Andrea / Lenzi Virginia): Really difficult, the road was rough for our car, we took it carefully.
flash info (68 - Baruffa Giovanni Benvenuto / Brachi Simone): Bad stage, the surface is broken.
flash info (66 - Polášek Daniel / Janovská Kateřina): Good, we tried to keep the speed and to push. We will see.
flash info (65 - Loof Nick / Magalhães Hugo): It was really rough now, I'm looking forward for tomorrow.
flash info (64 - Kasari Kaspar / Raidma Rainis): The stage was really tough, but we took it steadily and managed to finish it.
flash info (63 - Pajari Sami / Mälkönen Enni): Quite surprising, in one place the gravel was going into the car through the roof vent.
flash info (62 - Franceschi Jean-Baptiste / Dunand Arnaud): It's good to be back. We were pushing here, I hope to have some good position for tomorrow.
flash info (61 - Maior Norbert / Maior Francesca): Very rough, it was getting worse and worse between the practises, not it's done.
flash info (60 - Landa Nikolai / Landa Günter): The road is tough, the ruts are really rough. I'm happy to be here again, the pacenotes are important here.
flash info (59 - László Martin / Berendi Dávid): Everything was OK, we had a clean stage. I enjoyed.
flash info (58 - Nore Ola jun. / Eriksen Jørgen): We tried our best, it was a good warmup.
flash info (57 - Molle Amaury / Barral Florian): New car, new tam, new season, The start was good but we have to learn and improve to get better.
flash info (62 - Franceschi Jean-Baptiste / Dunand Arnaud): The stage was difficult at the beginning, no grip. Tomorrow we will see.
flash info (54 - Lewandowski Łukasz / Sadowski Adrian): We made a mistake unfortunately on braking, we went straight and had to reverse, Luckily there was only grass.
flash info (53 - Bassas Josep / Coronado Axel): Very difficult conditions, tough stage, but we are happy for this year.
flash info (52 - Poloński Dariusz / Sitek Łukasz): Quite OK, the road is very dostryed, it's hard to keep the speed.
flash info (51 - Pryczek Michał / Pryczek Jacek): It was very rough and difficult, but we had fun.
flash info (50 - Cartier Victor / Craen Fabien): I tried to improve my driving and setup of the car because we did not have any test before the rally.
flash info (49 - Vinyes Joan / Mercader Jordi): OK, very crazy, the road is destroyed. We get ready for tomorrow.
flash info (48 - Pardo Javier / Pérez Adrián): Very destroyed road, but good beginning for us. Let's improve for tomorrow.
flash info ( - / ): Good, the new car is awesome. Some places were really destroyed.
flash info (46 - Érdi Tibor jun. / Csökő Zoltán): Everything is OK, we tried to make some tactic and I hope to get some good starting position.
flash info (45 - Widłak Igor / Dymurski Daniel): Very good, we have some problem with computer, but still we had a good fun and enjoyed it.
flash info (43 - Byśkiniewicz Łukasz / Cieślar Zbigniew): The road is very damaged, it's hard to drive fast and safely in this, we took it slow.
flash info (42 - Armstrong Jon / Hall Philip): Very rough, it would be much more enjoyable with clean road, but still it's so enjoyable with this car.
flash info (41 - Torn Ken / Pannas Kauri): I think it's OK, I really enjoy it. The conditions are different from the practice now, but it's like that.
flash info (40 - Tejpar Nabila / Edwards Matthew): It was going well, but we are learning, it's difficult.
flash info (39 - Szeja Jarosław / Szeja Marcin): The stage is super, I enjoy it on the gravel, super.
flash info (37 - Kołtun Jarosław / Pleskot Ireneusz): Good, we made a proper time.
flash info (36 - Mitchell Jason / Ward Peter): Great, I enjoyed it a lot. We look forward to the evening to enjoy the rally.
flash info (35 - Nowak Marek / Grzelka Adam): Everything fine, but the ruts are huge now.
flash info (34 - McCourt Cathan / Hoy Brian): It was good there, just bit rough there, but enjoying the car.
flash info (33 - Lubiak Maciej / Dachowski Grzegorz): It was quite well, but big ruts.
flash info (32 - Battistolli Alberto / Granai Lorenzo): I tried to be careful, first time to be in Poland.
flash info (29 - Monteiro Aloísio / Eiró Sancho): Wonderful, learning the car, it's our first time with the Evo, so let's hope we can improve the times.
flash info (28 - Wróblewski Kacper / Wróbel Jakub): Very good, everythink OK.
flash info (26 - Scandola Umberto / D'Amore Guido): It was OK, the car is good. The road was difficult, in the morning ot looked different.
flash info (25 - Chuchała Wojciech / Rozwadowski Sebastian): Fine, quite hot, but good fun and I hope we will have a good position on the road.
flash info (23 - Chwietczuk Adrian / Baran Jarosław): All OK, fantastic stage.
flash info (19 - Devine Callum / Fulton James): Really enjoyable, the car works well. We need to keep this pace, we enjoy.
flash info (18 - Grzyb Grzegorz / Poradzisz Michał): The road is completely destroyed, but we tried to push. It's our home rally, I'm happy to be here, it's great competition here.
flash info (17 - Bonato Yoann / Boulloud Benjamin): We are on the rally, it's perfect for the moment. Not so bad, I was slow in the beginning, it could be faster.
flash info (9 - Gryazin Nikolay / Aleksandrov Konstantin): I was pushing so I think the time was good...
flash info (16 - Kreim Fabian / Christian Frank): To be honest it was not our best job at all, maybe too cautious, but for the beginning quite OK.
flash info (15 - Kasperczyk Tomasz / Syty Damian): We have a lot of fun, but also have some problem with an ECU, so we have to fix it now.
flash info (14 - Cais Erik / Žáková Jindřiška): In my mind I'm not smiling, I have to improve on this surface and type of roads, it's fast and narrow.
flash info (12 - Herczig Norbert / Ferencz Ramón): It was a good warmup, we are really happy to race again, it was a long time. We are prepared quite well, we did some tests and I hope it will be seen.
flash info (11 - Marczyk Miko / Gospodarczyk Szymon): It was my best, but the pop-off opened twice so it was not a good run. I was pushing but when the pop-off opens I get angry.
flash info (10 - Munster Grégoire / Louka Louis): The road got really rutted. But the rally will be great, massive entry here.
(9 - Gryazin Nikolay / Aleksandrov Konstantin): stopped in the stage - damaged radiator
flash info (8 - Solans Nil / Martí Marc): On one long straight the pop-off opened so we lost a lot of time. But we are ready for the rally.
flash info (7 - Llarena Efrén / Fernandez Sara): For sure we are not in the pace, it's our first event this year here, we will try to improve.
(4 - Fernàndez Emilio / García Rubén): overheating engine
flash info (6 - Campedelli Simone / Canton Tania): Unfortunately in the middle of the stage we lost powersteering, in the end it was dangerous. Really bad.
flash info (2 - Poom Roland / Garrod Darren): It was quite rough, I was backing off in the end.
flash info (5 - Breen Craig / Nagle Paul): I overshoot the last junction, just missed the braking point.
flash info (3 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Fløene Ola): It was OK, it was very very rough. I took it more careful now, but maybe too careful.
flash info (1 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Arnautov Alexey): It was exciting, I'm so happy to be on the stage after the accident on the test. Now we will be pushing, good.