Rally Liepaja 2017

1 Gryazin N.
Škoda Fabia R5
2 López J.
Peugeot 208 T16
3 Suárez J.
Peugeot 208 T16
Gryazin N.
Škoda Fabia R5 
López J.
Peugeot 208 T16 
Suárez J.
Peugeot 208 T16 
retired (11 - Berkis Janis / Čeporjus Edgars): technical problem - electrics after SS 3
flash info (25 - Molinaro Tamara / Wydaeghe Martijn): It is difficult when you don't have experience with the flatout corners here. These stages are really tough, but we try to enjoy it.
flash info (21 - Banaz Buğra / Erdener Burak): Everything is allright. We went slow, but we are learning and improving. Everything is fine now. Some places in forest are really muddy.
flash info (28 - Klausz Kristóf / Csányi Botond): We are faster and faster, now sometimes there were soft corners, but it is really good.
flash info (26 - Brož Dominik / Těšínský Petr): I'm not happy, we lost the time. But this stage is nice.
flash info (33 - Poloński Dariusz / Gryczyńska Balbina): Better and better, lot of sliding. We are geeting used to the gravel, we are sliding all the time.
flash info (24 - Kupec Karel / Osička Vladimír): This stage was very bad for us. I don't feel the confidence, I was too slow. I don't know if it is possible to be faster for us.
flash info (22 - Zawada Aleks / Dachowski Grzegorz): I don't know what we hit. I don't feel confident, especially in these conditons. The progress is slow, we are happy to be here.
flash info (18 - Ingram Chris / Whittock Ross): This stage was much better. The confidence is getting higher. I wasn't driving on gravel for few months.
flash info (30 - Bostanci Murat / Vatansever Onur): Fast stages, we don't have much traction. Fun to drive this car, but I need to improve my speed. This stage was quite muddy.
flash info (19 - Mareš Filip / Hloušek Jan): Not happy a lot, I have to improve my driving. I have to go step by step, everything can happen.
flash info (20 - Huttunen Jari / Linnaketo Antti): These roads are totally different from Finland, we have to drive clever here.
flash info (31 - Sesks Mārtiņš / Mālnieks Andris): I enjoy it. Bit tricky, but fun to drive.
flash info (12 - Melegari Zelindo / Barone Maurizio): We were out of the road, show for the helicopter. Not good.
flash info (14 - Érdi Tibor jun. / Papp György): OK, probably the next loop of stages will be better.
flash info (15 - Nitišs Reinis / Neikšans Maris): Everything good, now the car changed the sound in the middle of the stage and I got confused, but it seems all is OK.
flash info (16 - Remennik Sergei / Rozin Mark): From the rallies I did in the ERC this rally suits the best to the Group N Mitsubishi.
flash info (2 - Magalhães Bruno / Magalhães Hugo): The car is working well, unfortunately my pacenotes were too carefull in some places. I am going to improve in the second run.
flash info (11 - Berkis Janis / Čeporjus Edgars): It is frustrating, now we are going to service.
flash info (8 - Habaj Łukasz / Dymurski Daniel): I think my driving is more confident, here was a lot of mud, difficult. Still we enjoy it, the car is working well.
flash info (6 - Suárez José António / Carrera Cándido): Really calm, I want to keep running, the rally is long. We have a short gearbox, we are often in the limiter.
flash info (10 - Rovanperä Kalle / Halttunen Jonne): We still have the problem with the handbrake but for me it was quite good stage. I hope we can push harder.
flash info (1 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): I try to keep the concentration but it is not easy. It is hard to drive when you think about every corner.
flash info (5 - Gryazin Nikolay / Fedorov Yaroslav): It is slippery here, some places I drove carefully. In the second run I will be faster, but it is a good fun.
flash info (3 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Arnautov Alexey): The feeling is getting better and better. The pace is good now, in the car it is so exciting on these stages.
flash info (4 - López José Maria / Rozada Borja): We made a school mistake, we have a short gearbox in the car. We will see if it can be changed in the 30-minutes service. We loose a lot of time with it.
flash info (17 - Vorobjovs Jānis / Pūķis Ivo): The stage was again very slippery, but the time is OK, we did our best.