Rally Liepaja 2016

1 Plangi S.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
2 Vorobjovs J.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
3 Neikšans M.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
4 Švedas V.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
5 Chuchała W.
Subaru Impreza STI
Plangi S.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 
Vorobjovs J.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 
Neikšans M.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 
Chuchała W.
Subaru Impreza STI 
Švedas V.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 
retired (35 - Muradian Artur / Kurnosov Alexey): technical problem - powersteering after SS 10
retired (34 - Várkonyi Szabolcs / Csányi Botond): technical problem after SS 10
(42 - Kupec Karel / Krajča Ondřej): was out of the road
flash info (30 - Munnings Catie / Stein Anne Katharina): It's going well. It was really slippery, but we are having fun.
flash info (35 - Muradian Artur / Kurnosov Alexey): On the second stage the rear door opened, we didn't know what happened. In this stage we went off the road, but we managed to get back on the road.
flash info (28 - Klausz Kristóf / Nyirfás Yulianna): We had some mistakes with braking, we went over the junction and had to reverse.
flash info (33 - Bostanci Murat / Vatansever Onur): I went off in one right hand corner. We went to the field and had to reverse. Lucky we didn't stuck there, the field was muddy. Actually nice stage.
flash info (24 - Gryazin Nikolay / Fedorov Yaroslav): Thanks for my team for the yesterday repair. We now go faster and faster, now I feel better. I hope in the second loop it will be much better.
flash info (32 - Sesks Mārtiņš / Kulšs Māris): We went off, we weren't the only one crew off in there. But it's OK.
flash info (26 - Tokee Joonas / Salo Jani): Not good, compared to yesterday we are driving bad, it's more slippery. Not happy at all.
flash info (27 - Niinemäe Miko-Ove / Valter Martin): Fine, we had four new tyres in the morning and will have four new for the second loop so wee will see. We are second fastest now. No major issues, we don't want to mess it up.
flash info (25 - Tannert Julius / Thielen Jennifer): We rolled in fast right hander maybe foru kilometers before the finish. But it went back to wheels and we continued, the car works.
flash info (31 - Forsström Alex / Jämsen Jukka): Everything is working really well. Car as fantastic and the time is good.
flash info (21 - Griebel Marijan / Winklhofer Pirmin): It was a good stage, we switched the tyres between the front and rear and it worked well.
flash info (20 - Ingram Chris / Edmondson Elliott): We went off, we had a dust between the trees.
flash info (15 - Érdi Tibor jun. / Papp György): I went straight on one junction and had to reverse.
flash info (18 - Švedas Vytautas / Sakalauskas Žilvinas): We are going in our rhyttm. But now we had a moment, after one jump we went straight to the field, but no problem.
flash info (37 - Mikhaylov Alexander / Kokins Normunds): In the morning we had some problem, we restarted the car and now it's OK.
flash info (3 - Kasperczyk Tomasz / Syty Damian): For me eveyrthing OK. I liked this stage, more than the previous one. We are still on the game, we want to finish.
flash info (36 - Svilis Mārtiņš / Pūķis Ivo): Everything is OK. Some mistakes in this stage.
flash info (19 - Neikšans Maris / Jesse Anrijs): We damaged the car in the first stage. But it's more fun, more emotions! The car is going sideways all the time.
flash info (2 - Sirmacis Ralfs / Šimins Artūrs): It's going well. We need to keep the speed for the second loop.
flash info (11 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Kapustin Roman): We are doing good job and good pace, at the same time I try to go smoothly and drive relaxed. It's good today, we are having fun, the tyres are working well.
flash info (17 - Plangi Siim / Sarapuu Marek): Real fight is the best fight, Kajto has some troubles. This wasn't the best stage for me, the beginning was good, but then I messed up the driving,.
flash info (1 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): It's OK, but we couldn't restart the engine. We don't know why it stopped.
flash info (16 - Vorobjovs Jānis / Mālnieks Andris): Everything was fine, only sometimes we were little bit wide.
flash info (8 - Habaj Łukasz / Spentany Jacek): I really enjoyed it, fast stage with fast corners, I liked it.
flash info (5 - Larsen Frank Tore / Eriksen Torstein): In previous stage we had a first big moment in the rally and we rolled. I'm sorry for the team.
flash info (4 - Botka Dávid / Szeles Péter): The stage is very very slippery. We had a problem with engine after previous stage.
(4 - Botka Dávid / Szeles Péter): running out of order
flash info (12 - Chuchała Wojciech / Dymurski Daniel): We have struggled, but it was OK.