Rally Islas Canarias 2016

1 Chuchała W.
Subaru Impreza STI
2 Ranga P.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
Chuchała W.
Subaru Impreza STI 
Ranga P.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 
retired (6 - Botka Dávid / Szeles Péter): technical problem after SS 5
(6 - Botka Dávid / Szeles Péter): problems with pop-off valve
retired (9 - Bannout Gilbert / Jamoul Renaud): technical problem - turbo in SS 5
flash info (20 - Chuchała Wojciech / Dymurski Daniel): It was quite slippery in the beginning, quite wet in the long part. We are not risking, we are leading our category.
flash info (12 - Kołtun Jarosław / Pleskot Ireneusz): Similar like before, maybe more damp. there was more rain than before, also more mud on the road. It was really slippery.
flash info (7 - Costenaro Giacomo / Bardini Justin): I tried hard compound now but the stage was worse on first three kilometers. From the top it was better, although there was some mist.
flash info (10 - Tlusťák Antonín / Kučera Ladislav): The car was OK now. The beginning was wet, we drove carefully. Our race is over so we only want to learn the car and gain kilometers and experience now.
retired (8 - Della Casa Federico / Pozzi Domenico): technical problem - gearbox in SS 5
flash info (4 - Monzón Luis / Deniz Jose Carlos): The stage was very bad, because we still have problems with the gearbox.
flash info (14 - Kobus Hermen / De Wild Erik): It was a bit better than before. the tyres started to feel better, the car fells better now. We only made a mistake on the previous stage and we want to fight back.
flash info (5 - Consani Robert / Vilmot Maxime): More difficult compared to the first run. Spectators were moving their cars so there is lot of mud on the road, it was more slippery. I'm happy to be here.
flash info (1 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): Really big fight. Not with the car, but with conditions and with myself. It's difficult to push on these tyres. We used these on Barum rally, where it was 30°C. Now it's lower temperature and wet.
flash info (2 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Arnautov Alexey): The end was fine but in the beginning we were struggling, I was little bit cautious due to bad grip, it was slippery. the final part of the stage is slippery but enjoyable. Another learning rally for us.
flash info (3 - Østberg Mads / Fløene Ola): There was some fog and quite a lot of rain, it rained quite heavily close before we started. We have hard tyres all around so it was bit tricky, but we did it because we believe we can gain something in next stages.
Small rain showel reported in the opening part, remaining part of the stage is dry.