Kenotek Ypres Rally 2016

There is no crew in the selection.

(10 - Loix Freddy / Gitsels Johan): Freddy Loix won again the Ypres Rally. It's his 11th vicotry at this event. Congratulations!
flash info (4 - Verschueren Vincent / Hostens Veronique): I spun the car, too much gravel I did not expect. I'm glad it's over, it was too much.
flash info (6 - Princen Kris / Kaspers Peter): It's really fantastic result. It's amazing how bad you are driving and you have to drive a stage like that.
flash info (12 - Casier Bernd / Vyncke Pieter): We looked to our book and it's all correct, it's not good. We did our best and if Vincent can beat us on the speed, I must congratulate him.
flash info (9 - Kobus Hermen / De Wild Erik): Absolutely until it's over. I think we did a great last run. The last stage was very fast, I'm satisfied with the stage. Fantastic rally.
flash info (7 - Tarabus Jaromír / Trunkát Daniel): Now we enjoy, this was the perfect afternoon. On this stage we stopped engine on the start and maybe lost 3 seconds. Now it's good, we had good speed before the finish.