Rally Liepaja 2015

1 Tushkanova I.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
Tushkanova I.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 
retired (38 - Pieniążek Łukasz / Gerber Jakub): accident in SS 11
flash info (6 - Tlusťák Antonín / Kučera Ladislav): It's shame that on Saturday's last stages we had heavy snowing and we did wrong tyre choice. But today it was perfect.
flash info (41 - Klausz Kristóf / Kecskeméti Balázs): It was really good, we really enjoyed it and happy to be here.
flash info (12 - Štajf Vojtěch / Rajnoha František): It has been pretty difficult. I did not feel good the whole weekend. We are happy we survived it. We did not really enjoy this rally, but it was not about this rally, it was about us.
flash info (16 - Hideg Krisztián / Kerék István): This is not so good, too much snow, we do not see the road, too much dangerous. But we are very happy.
flash info (8 - Hudec Martin / Picka Petr): I am very happy, was big experience and big adventure for us. This car is amazing. We will go to Ireland. I very looking forward as it is tarmac and maybe we can be much faster.
flash info (17 - Kabaciński Łukasz / Dachowski Grzegorz): We have been out of the road on the high speed so we are happy to be here. It is really a lot of fun on this rally.
flash info (9 - Kołtun Jarosław / Pleskot Ireneusz): For sure it was very good experience. Now I hope we are ready for Rally Sweden.
flash info (36 - Armstrong Jon / O’Sullivan Noel): We have finished now, I am pretty happy. On this last loop we have been pushing, not too much on this last one.
flash info (26 - Ingram Chris / Moreau Gabin): Not the quite the position we wanted but it is an incredible expereience. The season starts for us on the next round in Ireland.
flash info (2 - Consani Robert / Vilmot Maxime): I'm happy, we finished fifth. Very difficult rally, I still learn.
(2 - Consani Robert / Vilmot Maxime): smoke from the engine bay
flash info (3 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Chervonenko Yevhen): It was good, we won all stages except one, I'm happy with our today's performance. We had a bad luck yesterday, it's shame.
flash info (1 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): We are really happy because now we are leading the ERC. It was the plan for today, I was pushing really lot. Thanks for my team and spectators.
flash info (4 - Breen Craig / Martin Scott): We stuck to our pace and backed a fair bit off today. You will go back a long time in the history books to find a paddy winning a snow rally!
flash info (18 - Plangi Siim / Sarapuu Marek): On the last stage there were some rubber obstacles. I hit them and I thought it was over, but we made it.
flash info (19 - Butvilas Dominykas / Heller Kamil): It was really tough rally for us. My first time with Subaru and I have to thank to my team, they worked really tough.
flash info (34 - Bergkvist Emil / Sjöberg Joakim): Incredible weekend, I'm so thankful for my team Opel Motorsport and for my codriver. Great weekend.
flash info (37 - Adielsson Mattias / Bäck Christoffer): First time in ERC junior, we had engine problems, we had a roll, so it's really good to be here.
flash info (22 - Svilis Mārtiņš / Pūķis Ivo): It was very hard rally for everyone and also for us. We are very happy to finish it.
flash info (28 - Røkland Steve / Aldridge James): Great result for us, many points for the championship. Just fantastic.
flash info (20 - Vorobjovs Jānis / Mālnieks Andris): The snow was everywhere and we simply didn't seea ditch. But if we changed the tyre we would probably loose much more time.
(20 - Vorobjovs Jānis / Mālnieks Andris): puncture and broken suspension
flash info (30 - Sirmacis Ralfs / Šimins Artūrs): We were pushing but I had big mistake.