auto24 Rally Estonia 2015

1 Tushkanova I.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX

There is no crew in the selection.

retired (66 - Belokons Danila / Freibergs Toms): technical problem - gearbox in SS 15
retired (30 - Zawada Aleks / Derousseaux Cathy): accident in SS 15
flash info (4 - Kangur Martin / Sikk Kuldar): Really good, we pushed, the feeling is back.
flash info (15 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Arnautov Alexey): We take no risk, the road is good now, it's easy to push.
flash info (2 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): The stage was cleaner than first time, the time is OK. I'm sorry for Craig, he was late and didn't start the stage on time.
flash info (17 - Aus Rainer / Koskinen Simo): It was OK, Siim Plangi did some mistake, he got nervous maybe.
retired (1 - Breen Craig / Martin Scott): technical problem - oil pressure before SS 15
flash info (16 - Plangi Siim / Sarapuu Marek): Unfortunately I pushed too much, I knew the place, I do not know why I went so fast. I knocked some cameraman's camera, sorry for that.
(16 - Plangi Siim / Sarapuu Marek): puncture
flash info (5 - Kõrge Timmu / Pints Erki): There is more power, we can go quicker in some places.
flash info (9 - Jeets Raul / Toom Andrus): The stage is crazy, only maxmimum speed. 80% of the stage in a limiter.
flash info (20 - Butvilas Dominykas / Mazur Przemysław): No big battle today, but we have good speed, almost flatout everywhere. We have new good pacenotes, new co-driver, everything works well.
flash info (12 - Kołtun Jarosław / Pleskot Ireneusz): We made a spin so we lost maybe 15, 20 seconds, almost in the beginning of the stage. We were pushing too much and got out of the line. But nothing happened.