Rallye Monte Carlo 2014

1 Gilbert Q.
Citroën DS3 R3T
Gilbert Q.
Citroën DS3 R3T 
retired (5 - Hirvonen Mikko / Lehtinen Jarmo): technical problem - alternator in SS 15
flash info (1 - Ogier Sébastien / Ingrassia Julien): In the beginning of the rally we lost a lot of time, but I had in my mind that we could manage it. I'm happy that we really did it!
flash info (11 - Bouffier Bryan / Panseri Xavier): It's fantastic, I'm so happy. To fininsh second in Monte Carlo is really amazing. I want to thank to everyone in the team, hopefully this result helps me with another upcoming events.
(5 - Hirvonen Mikko / Lehtinen Jarmo): stopped in the stage
flash info (3 - Meeke Kris / Nagle Paul): This rally was really tricky, the Turini, oh my God, that was something incredible. I'm so happy to be here!
flash info (4 - Østberg Mads / Andersson Jonas): It's been really really tough, I'm so happy we managed to do it through all the weekend. Big thanks to the whole team, I'm really happy.
flash info (2 - Latvala Jari-Matti / Anttila Miikka): I tried to push, but there was a lot of water on the road. Also there was a fog in the beginning and we had only three lights working. It was really tough rally, for the first time we did it without SupeRally, so I'm happy.
flash info (6 - Evans Elfyn / Barritt Daniel): I'm not so happy with the end, anyway we finished the rally, that's important.
flash info (22 - Melichárek Jaroslav / Melichárek Erik): I'm happy to be in the finish. We have problems with gearbox, so we are happy to be here. In previous stage there were 30 cm of snow and with the gearbox it was a big trouble.
flash info (9 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Markkula Mikko): It's been a really tricky event. There were stages we did with studded tyres for example, so huge experience. We are happy to be here.
(9 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Markkula Mikko): overtaking Jaroslav Melichárek
(5 - Hirvonen Mikko / Lehtinen Jarmo): late start into the stage
The stage is completely wet with fog in the opening part and lots of running water at the end of the stage.
Start of the stage has been postponed by 5 minutes.