Rallye Monte Carlo 2013

1 Chardonnet S.
Citroën DS3 R3T
Chardonnet S.
Citroën DS3 R3T 
Due to road blocked before SS 17 and in the impossibility to join the start of SS 18 the Clerk of the Course decided to stop rally at the TC 16C.
SS 17 and SS 18 are cancelled.
Stage stopped after st.no. 47 because of spectators incident. Other crew will obtain notional time.
flash info (51 - Chardonnet Sébastien / De La Haye Thibault): Everything is OK, we are driving safely to be in finish.
flash info (33 - Kremer Armin / Wicha Klaus): We were really, really safely.
flash info (42 - Burri Olivier / Duval Guillaume): This is not rally. It is too tough and too slow. I dont like it.
flash info (32 - Wiegand Sepp / Christian Frank): It is very difficult stage, there were some places with fog. On the top of Turini I made a big spin, so I think spectators were happy with us.
flash info (12 - Kościuszko Michał / Szczepaniak Maciej): You can see on my car that it is snowing. I hit the barrier just on the edge of Turini, but it is really very difficult stage. Now it is getting more frozen.
flash info (21 - Prokop Martin / Ernst Michal): There is lot of very hard rain, so I was trying to stay in the line. I was driving very carefully. But on the top is heavy snowing, in the night it will be difficult.
flash info (4 - Østberg Mads / Andersson Jonas): I hit something with the rear on the beginning of the stage, I was too wide. I broke the wheel and after that I had problems with the brakes. We are here and we will try to fix it and go to finish.
flash info (22 - Bouffier Bryan / Panseri Xavier): I think that Mads got a puncture. This time I drove very safely, I didnt took any risk. I am not confident in this condition.
flash info (2 - Hirvonen Mikko / Lehtinen Jarmo): My strategy is to bring car safely home, but it is not easy in this conditions. I made only one mistake when we went on top of the slush, but I am driving carefully.
flash info (10 - Sordo Dani / Del Barrio Carlos): It was really, really tough. When I have seen that Mikko is on split slow on stage, so I have slowed down too.
flash info (8 - Ogier Sébastien / Ingrassia Julien): Not easy stages. We are very safe now, nothing to play.
flash info (1 - Loeb Sébastien / Elena Daniel): It is really uninteresting to drive on this conditions. There are two lines and if you are going out of lines, you will crash. So I was driving slowly in the lines.
Condition on SS: first 16 kms on snow and ice, last 7 kms dowhnill slush, temperature is going down
Start of stage is delayed for 25 minutes.