Elpa Rally 2010

1 Černý J.
Citroën C2 R2 Max
Černý J.
Citroën C2 R2 Max 
retired (7 - Halkias Efthimios / Mouzakis Nikos): technical problem in SS 3
flash info (15 - Černý Jan / Kohout Pavel): The first two SSs were difficult and we were slow. In the 3rd we achieved a good time. In the service we will make the suspension softer.
flash info (10 - Protasov Yuriy / Aftanaziv Adrian): This is our first time here and we are satisfied with the result so far. The car is good.
flash info (9 - Ruta Szymon / Rozwadowski Sebastian): In the first two SSs we were fast, since we were in 3rd place for the ERC. But in SS3 we hit on a rock which cut our wheel and came towards the inside of the car; we had no steering. We tried a lot to take it out and changed it. Now the car is OK. I like the rally. We will use harder tyres.
(8 - Tlusťák Antonín / Škaloud Jan): This is my first time with the car on gravel and my third in this surface. Our target is to see how the car performs on gravel.
flash info (6 - Mihos Dimitris / Hirakis Konstantinos): We may have been too careful. The SSs are nice and we will try to push in the afternoon.
flash info (5 - Oleksowicz Maciej / Obrębowski Andrzej): I’m trying to find the right pace and avoiding punctures. I like the rally. At the next loop we will be faster, although being careful.
flash info (4 - Hatzitsopanis Panos / Petropoulos Nikolaos): I haven’t driven on gravel for a long time and I’m trying to get used to it.
flash info (3 - Vovos Aris / El Em): The morning was very good for us. Roads are rougher than last year’s. We enjoy a good run and since we heard that Papadimitriou has a problem, we will be careful enough.
flash info (2 - Papadimitriou Ioannis / Polyzois Giorgos): Since SS1 we have no 3rd gear in the gearbox. We will try to change it at the service but it seems difficult for me to be ready on time.
flash info (1 - Sołowow Michał / Baran Maciej): The morning was very difficult for us. It is difficult to be first on the road. We also had a puncture in SS3.
(1 - Sołowow Michał / Baran Maciej): puncture
(2 - Papadimitriou Ioannis / Polyzois Giorgos): problems with gearbox
(9 - Ruta Szymon / Rozwadowski Sebastian): broken wheel